Traditional Blacksmithing

Rautapiha performs maintenance
and installation work within the metal
sector in buildings, on building sites,
in yards, and other places for private
persons as well as companies.

*  Welding and flame cutting work
*  Torch brazing
*  Signboards
*  Handrails
*  Shelves
*  Hinges
*  Balustrades
*  Ladders
*  Cowls
*  Fireside accessories and parts
*  Grills

Also the reparation and restoration
of old and antique metal objects
belong to our field of activity.

*  Sharpening of blades
*  Removal of rust
*  Surface treatment of metal objects
*  Patinating, etching and bluing
*  Refurbishment of metal lamps
    and furniture
*  Equipment for your hobby
*  Machine parts
*  Tools
*  And much more...

Additional information and offers:

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kim.sundqvist [at]